Our Story

Joe Landry is an American singer-songwriter whose multi-genre musical style leans toward Alternative and Rock/Country.  

Born in Connecticut, he enjoyed living by the Big Horn Mountains as a child and while in grade school headed west to California.  

Joe’s first inspiration came from his father who sang and played guitar in the living room.  After mastering the basics, his father helped expand his skill with incentives along the way.  Joe conquered the entire Ventures album by age 9 which earned him a beautiful Gibson guitar.  By age 11, he wrote his first song...and he’s been writing ever since.  Joe’s earliest influences came from Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Michael Jackson.  

After climbing the corporate ladder and raising his family,  Joe pursued a career in music. Years of performing in different bands allowed him to share a plethora of original songs with a variety of enthusiastic audiences. “Creating and sharing music has always    felt so natural and fulfilling,” says Joe, “it’s a place I go…”  

Joe’s 2016-produced album, Run With It, includes two “Best Song of the Year” winners from the West Coast songwriting competition as well as several “Best Song of the Month” winners.  Joe continues to add to his already diverse song catalog with authentic heartfelt stories of life, love, loss, adventure, heartbreak and inspiration.  Joe is currently focusing on songwriting, recording and solo acoustic performances.